Colin Kaepernick Just Donated Some Big Money to Meals On Wheels

Colin Kaepernick Just Did a Lot More Than Take a Knee For Meals On Wheels

Colin Kaepernick Keeps Being Called Un-American While Proving Just How American He Truly Is By Donating To Meals On Wheels

NFL player Colin Kaepernick received an unbelievable amount of criticism for deciding to kneel during the playing of the American national anthem before games in protest police brutality and inequality faced by fellow African-American citizens.

As a result, according to The Guardian, he’s having a rough time this off-season trying to get a contract to play in the next season.

For his actions, he has been branded “anti-American” and is being passed up for quarterback positions on NFL teams which are being given to less talented and valued players who haven’t been overtly political.

Yet, Colin Kaepernick keeps showing how truly American he is by standing up for those in the country that need help and protection the most.

As Trump goes on and on about “Making America Great Again”, he appears to be committed to doing anything BUT make America great. His administration’s attack on Meals on Wheels is a perfect example.

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Jaws across the country dropped when, as CNBC reports, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said that Meals on Wheels, which provides food for millions of elderly citizens across the country, isn’t “showing results” and should be defunded.

Then along comes Kaepernick, with his giant heart, and donates $50,000 to Meals on Wheels.

Of course, this has driven Conservatives nuts. One perfect example is everyone’s favorite nutty Conservative, Sarah Palin. TMZ reports that Palin was not overly pleased with Kaepernick’s warm gesture, calling it a political stunt and blasting him for his pre-game protests.

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Donating to Meals on Wheels is part of a mind blowing commitment of generosity by Colin Kaepernick. Six months ago, according to The Daily Beast, he vowed to donate $100,000 per month to charities for 10 months, bringing the grand total of giving to a cool million bucks! Now that’s what is called putting your money where your mouth is.

So, Conservatives can get their undergarments in a bunch all they want, but while the Republicans are aiming to kill off programs designed to help America’s most vulnerable citizens and are gleefully gutting Obamacare and preparing to make sure millions of Americans are no longer insured, Colin Kaepernick is actually HELPING and proving that he’s far more American than many of his critics.

Feature image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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